What’s New

What’s New

Continuous development record.

Version 8.11.000

  • Calculations for CO2 volumes and quantity of sugar required for priming in Brew Record – Brew Monitor..
  • Total refund per container on credit.

Version 8.9.000

  • Continuous record for product post brewed.
  • Barcode reader for Retail Sales screen.

Version 8.5.0005

  • Overhaul of  beer duty and credit modules to conform to HMRC notice 226, 12 December 2014.

Version 8.5.0001

  • Sales-i data capture and ftp facility. See http://sales-i.com
  • Credit calculation improved with relation to original invoice.

Version 8.4.0001

  • New report- Invoices by Customer. Find invoices for a defined customer within a date range.
  • Barcode cask tracking.
  • Improved editable stock activity forms.
  • Improved Profit and Loss with data breakdown from invoices.

Version 8.3.0001

  • Retail sales list of products can be sorted.
  • Expanded customer records in Sales, Customers and Ringtime.
  • Ability to flip quickly between Sales screens and Customer Details.

Version 8.2.0001

  • Retail sales can now be sent to make invoices for more flexible invoicing. See  Bottles, Merchandise Retail.
  • New bottles,draught and merchandise counter diagnostics. See Bottles and Draught Activity.

Version 8.1.0001

  • Default customer tax codes implemented. Useful for export customers where standard VAT is not required. See Tax Codes
  • Improved traceability on ingredients. FIFO counter detects the oldest stock at the time of brewing.
  • Stock prices to be entered and ingredient value and duty cost displayed on the brew record.

Version 7.6.0007

  • Bank details added to invoice. See Process Invoices
  • Company Registration Details added to invoice.

Version 7.6.0005

  • Report, Invoices by Run added.

Version 7.6.0001

  • All images stored in Images folder in Brewcon Data. Selection of Invoice and Letter Logos at users’ control.  Location of  Invoice logos and Letter logos must be set to new location in Image folder in Data. Use the facility in Invoicing and Credits – Process Invoices, and Products – Descriptions – Customers letters.

Version 7.5.0001

  • Pumpclips can be displayed for each product in Tasting Notes Letters.
  • InvoiceLogo and LetterLogo have been moved to Images folder at C:\Brewcon Data\  for easy editing.

Version 7.4.0002

  • Casks can be created in Containers Out. Useful if using conditioning tanks.
  • Frequency discount operates independently of other discount types.

Version 7.4.0001

  • Reminders track recurring entries.

Version 7.3

  • Complete overhaul of bottle, draught and merchandise counter.

Version 7.1

  • Complete re-write of brewing module. Infinite number of ingredients now possible.
  • Brewsheets altered to accommodate more data.

Version 6.10

  • Operator report moved to Invoice Reports.
  • Cost price introduced and incorporated into Product Reports.
  • New features on Edit Product screen.
  • Invoice Account now referred to as Operator Account.

Version 6.9

  • Limited cask tracking in non cask tracking mode. Containers sold in Tanks will appear in customer reports and will show how many casks are out without tracking by cask number.

Version 6.6

  • Addition of Percentage Discount by Volume pricing for using pricing grids by abv.
  • Addition of Invoice and Credit search in Process Invoices and Process Credits.
  • Addition of facility to view stated invoices from Make Credits.
  • Addition of Casks Sold by Gyle report in Sales..

Version 6.5

  • Addition of ABV Banding pricing for using pricing grids by abv.

Version 6.4

  • Extension of Customers Letters to include extra details for wholesalers and export.

Version 6.3

  • Extension of Sage Stock Item to Brewcon. Items flagged as non stock will not be counted in Bottles, Draught and Merchandise counter.
  • Frequency discount for cask beer.
  • New report in Customers – Invoice Accounts by Run
  • Bottle counters for the week and next week on Sales screens

Version 6.2

  • Deletion of “Foreign Beer” product type. All relevant products can be flagged as dutiable or non-dutiable in product screens. Foreign products assimilated into cask beer as non-dutiable.
  • Facility in New Products to customize Bottle, Retail and Keg container sizes.
  • Customer Categories in Customers Details.
  • Extension of duty credit to all products and upgrade of credit and invoice reports..
  • Tick box on product screens to determine whether products appear in the Beer Production Account in Financial.
  • Casks out with customer showing on invoice. Custom invoices updated by request.

Version 6.1

  • Calendar for future brews in Brewing.
  • New Product Reports in Financial.
  • Production Overview in Brewing.
  • Customer Ranking in Prospective Customers.
  • New duty calculation form to comply with Revenue and Customs requirements with global totals.
  • General operation and networking improved and more stable.

Version 6.0

  • Simplification of Virtual to Real cask conversion. Virtual to real module obsolete, the operation is now performed automatically in Racking.
  • Facility to automatically delete virtual casks after a given time. see Cask Tracking.

Version 5.9

  • Global price change facility in Edit Product.

Version 5.8

  • Completion of Keg/Litres facilities. Brewcon now handles litres and gallons/barrels.
  • Auto entry of new nominal codes into Sage when a new product is made.
  • Name change facility of Bottles and Draught list via Edit Product.

Version 5.7

  • Website upload can now be set for automatic upload on a defined day of the week.

Version 5.6

  • Complete re-write of bottle and draught counter. Counting is after posting. Products are now stock enabled in Sage and counted in Sage to make use of financial information on stock.
  • Excise calculations included for > 7.5% and < 2.8%.

Version 5.5

  • Buttons included in product descriptions to determine whether items are uploaded by ftp application.
  • Nominal brewlength included in recipes and brew record.
  • Reservations button added to Sales screens.

Version 5.2 to 4.0

  • New formats to make full use of screen space.
  • Flag to identify export invoices plus a report to search for export invoices.
  • Switch to turn off the bottles and draught counter.
  • Facility to change the Office colour scheme.
  • Brewery Tours included in products

Version 5.1

  • Cancel VAT option on invoice checking screen.

Version 4.8

  • Multiple VAT Rates for products.

Version 4.7

  • Bitterness Units Calculator in Recipes.
  • Discount override on Retail Sales.

Version 4.6

  • Prospective Customer facility.
  • Lapsed Customer report.

Version 4.5

  • Compatible with Windows 7 64bit.
  • Customers letters incorporating tasting notes.

Version 4.4.0001/2

  • Clone recipe.

Version 4.3

  • Introduction of product list incorporating tasting notes.
  • Facility for FTP to a website.

Version 4.2

  • Facility to control which hoppings are adjusted when alphas change.

Version 4.1

  • New product Keg. This is fully tracked and priced in litres.
  • Each product type of cask, bottles, keg and merchandise has independent discounting.
  • Credits displayed in Customers and Sales screens.

Version 3.9.0004

  • Quick racking method introduced. Initial racking is very fast but cask tracking is initiated on a new sales window.

Version 3.9

  • Customer account on hold flag inserted into Customer Details and Sales Control windows.

Version 3.8

  • New messages on Invoices. Global message applies to all reports see Process Invoices. Invoice message applies to the individual customer see Customer Details.

Version 3.7

  • Alpha percentages included in recipes. Alpha adjustment program rewritten.
  • New report to track bottle and draught sales by gyle.
  • Improved Report Printer Settings.

Version 3.4

  • Partial and Non cask tracking introduced.

Version 3.1

  • Barcoding system for cask tracking.
  • Rounding in Invoicing etc. now calculates the same as Sage.
  • Sugars in Recipes now asks for extract figures for all types of sugar.

Version 2.4

  • Addition of Nottingham and Durham formulae.
  • Calculation of mash liquor/malt ratio in recipes.
  • Addition of Quantities in Reservations.
  • Selling time phonings reminders in Sales screens.
  • Option to email invoices in Process Invoices. Previous users must uninstall Access Runtime 2007 and download and install the new Access 2007 Runtime. Link

Version 2.3

  • Gyle format changed to allow fractions. A blend can be a fraction between whole number brews.
  • Hampshire and Bristol formulae now modifiable. Located in “Invoicing and Credits” – “Pricing” – “Wholesale Pricing”.
  • Compatible with Vista.
  • New Look navigation with the ribbon.
  • Facility to change and remember printer and margin settings on all reports.
  • Opening warning signs discarded.
  • New maintenance facilities on Individual Pricing and Invoices.
  • Draught products are added to auto bottle count.
  • Sales screens have a “casks out” button to view casks out whilst selling.
  • Return while racking. If an attempt is made to rack into a cask that has not been returned, you will be prompted to return the cask immediately without coming out of racking.
  • New reports in Brewing enable searching for particular ingredients in recipes and the brew record. This is particularly useful in determining the past usage of any given ingredient.
  • Miscellaneous is included in Stock Control.
  • Ingredients cost is included in Stock Control and Recipe Quantities calculates total cost of ingredients.
  • 330 ml, 568 ml and 660 ml Bottles added to Products.
  • Addition of Beer Production Account.
  • Break-even calculation in Financial.
  • Individual Pricing editing facility in Products.