Brew Control

Streamlining vital business functions, Brewcon will free you up to concentrate on the creativity to brew world class beers.

  • Saves TIME………..Saves MONEY

    Complete brewery management system from sales to brewing.

    Sales functions include telesales, invoicing, customer history, letters with tasting notes and much more.

    Brewing functions include recipe formulation, traceability, stock control and brewsheet generation.

    Financial control with beer duty, sales reports and profit and loss.

    Cask Tracking is integral.

    Easy to network.

    In conjunction with Xero.

  • Telesales are easy with stock, customer records and and customer history on-screen.

    Customer financial information is visible with casks out and delivery history.

    Allocate stock for delivery and automatic invoicing. Auto invoicing uses custom discounting.

    Phoning reminders ensure that you don’t forget important calls.

    On screen sales counter shows how much has been sold for the current and the next week.

    Brewcon can be configured to link to sales -i CRM system.

  • Casks out, delivery history and items allocated but not invoiced are visible.

    Allocate up to three runs for flexible cask tracking.

    Customer aged debts are visible on Sage version.

    Control discounting and phoning reminders.

    An individual message can be generated for inclusion on the customer’s invoice.

    Control CMS and customer ranking.

  • Recipe formulation made easy with auto O.G and calculation of bitterness, colour and expected extract.

    Auto hop alpha update.

    Brewsheet creation generates a record of the brew and stock logging.

    Traceability is automatic down to the batch number.

    Raw materials are decremented, ensuring that stock is always up-to-date.

    Calculate necessary ingredients for future brews.

    Auto costing for raw ingredients.

    Reports on Ingredients and Brews.

  • Beer Duty calculated at the touch of a button.

    Beer Production Account calculated automatically.

    Product Reports on volume and value.

    Profit and Loss with GP and product performance on Sage version.