Client Testimonials

“Brewcon has grown with our business and we could not have grown without Brewcon Designed by brewers it tackles every aspect of running a small brewery from raw materials in to profit and loss reporting.”
Greg Pilley at Stroud Brewery
Stroud Brewery

“We have been using Brewcon now for several years and find it an invaluable tool to help with the smooth running of our brewery business. When I compare how we operated before Brewcon, to where we are today, there is no comparison.
Overall, we would definitely recommend Brewcon and find it to be a very good value for money solution to help with all the aspects of running our brewery.”
Stephen Naylor at Naylors Brewery

Naylors Brewery

“Having worked with Brewcon since starting Lincoln Green Brewing Company  I can’t praise it highly enough. It’s a one stop shop for every aspect of brewery management – from brewing, racking, invoicing, cask tracking all the way through to calculating excise duty it does it all at great value for money. Best of all seamless integration with SAGE accounts means you’re always aware of the bottom line.”
Anthony Hughes at Lincoln Green

Lincoln Green

“Brewcon was initially built for us and has saved so much time and money  (at least £20,000 a year) in efficiency gains that I would recommend it for all microbreweries.”
Eleanor Bell at The Durham Brewery

“As production manager I value Brewcon as a great time saver. Brewsheets, recipes and stock control all happen at the touch of a button. We have such good traceability as to satisfy any audit.”
Sean McManus at The Durham Brewery

Durham Brewery